Every tool in woodworking has been dependant on the craftsman who does it. CNC is just another tool that is now coming down to the price point where small shops and even hobbyist can think about getting into the CNC pool.

There is no less creativity in using a CNC than using a block plane and knife simply because the design is dependent on the woodworker. However the operator has to understand really, the piece they are working with and really see the part or final piece inside the wood they want to produce. It really comes down to time. 

So for now, lets us see how a stool can be made using CNC machine.

Material Required:

  • Plywood 4 feet x 2 feet with thickness of 18 mm
  • Drill bit of 6 mm
  • Appropriate Fasteners


By following the numbering given in the picture, 

  • Join the legs (part 2 and 4) with the middle part 3 and fit the screws into the holes.
  • Place the part 1 (Top part of stool) on the part 3 in such a way that tongue of part 3 fits into the grooves of part 1 to make a Tongue and Groove joint.

  • Drill the 4 holes on four corners of part 1 such that each of the two holes pass through part 2 and 4. Fit the screws into the holes and tighten them properly.
  • Manual steps to be done:

  • Assemble the parts cut by the machine.

  • Fit the screws into the holes.

Final assembly:

Product Variants Suggestions:
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