The Geneva drive is a gear mechanism that translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary motion.

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In this exercise, we are going to learn to build a working model of a Geneva Mechanism.

Materials Required :-

  • 1×1 feet – Hylam sheet 6mm thick.
  • DC Motor(10rpm)
  • 3 – M4x20 bolts
  • Wheel lock
  • M8x50 bolt
  • 4 – M8 Nuts
  • M3x20 Bolts

Parts :

S.No.   Part Name           No.        Material         

  1.  Geneva Wheel            1           MDF/HiLam

  2.  Circular plate             1          MDF/HiLam

  3. Locking plate              1         MDF/HiLam      

  4. Base plate                   1           MDF/HiLam

  5. M4X20 bolts               3          MS

  6. M8 Nuts                       4          MS 

  7.  M8X50 CSK bolt        1          MS

  8. Wheel lock                   1         MDF/HiLam

  9. M3X20                          1         MS

 10. DC motor                    1     



1.Using a CNC router cut out the required parts as shown in the image.
The names of the individual parts are shown in the figure, use them as reference for the following steps.
Download the .dxf files for the Geneva Mechanism HERE  

2. Fix DC motor to the base plate.

3. Connect Driver plate, locking plate, Wheel lock together using fasteners.

4. Mount this sub assembly over dc motor shaft.

5. Fix the Geneva wheel using M8 bolt & nuts as shown in the figure.

You can also get full pre-cut Kit online- GENEVA MECHANISM

Congratulations! You have successfully made your very own Geneva Mechanism.


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Suggested project variants:

You can try the following variants:

1) Build a 4 station or a 6-station Geneva mechanism

2) Build the same mechanism with different size/scale/materials

3) Build curved slot Geneva mechanism : for better dynamic performance. 


Tips & Tricks 

  1. The whole mechanism can be enclosed in a box.
  2. Integrate this very useful mechanism to automate your daily needs.
  3. It is a great way to demonstrate how a Geneva Mechanism works to students.
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