Manufacturing is a key skill required to take a product to the market for commercialization. If there is a bug in a software product, a FIX can be released online or by email. But even if a small fault is found in a hardware product (say a car), millions of units has to be recalled by the manufacturer. Losses can run into millions of Dollars/crores. Hence systematic training and practice is required in product development & fabrication, so that fresh graduates have the confidence to build real products in their careers.

From employment point of view: manufacturing sector has huge potential. China has about 200 million people working in the Manufacturing sector.  

Today we live in a country where our Televisions, washing machines, Cell phones and even mosquito bats are made by Korean, Japanese, US and Chinese companies. As Dr.Narayan Murthy recently lamented : there are very few Indian Products with Global customer base,  even in software industry.

So what is the solution?  How to improve this scenario?  Today our national mission is “Make in India”.  How to achieve this mission successfully?

We have decided to take a small step is this direction. We want every engineering student in India to have built 10 – 20 product before he/she graduates. Even reverse engineering an existing product, fabricating it and making it work is a very useful learning process. Today with the advent of digital manufacturing machines, it is easier than ever to build real products and prototypes. Websites like instrucatables carry step-by-step instructions for building almost any kind of product you can imagine.

So get making, start building products, hone your manufacturing skills and contribute your part to building the economic strength of our nation by becoming a practical engineer.

Welcome to the MAKE-IN-INDIA (MII) CLUB. 

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