Spring gun is a spring loaded wooden toy gun. It is an interactive toy made for children of above 5 years age. It has a spring loaded wooden bullet for shooting, a barrel and a trigger. All the parts are cut in Hylam sheets with a CNC router.

In this exercise you are going to learn how to build your very own Spring-Gun.

The spring-gun consists of a barrel, a trigger, a spring, and a small wooden bullet.  

The spring goes inside the barrel rod followed by the wooden bullet. The bullet is pushed inside the barrel compressing the spring. The trigger which has a bent notch at its top end is used to hold the bullet at the pulled up position. Pressing the trigger releases the pulled up bullet and it is projected out of the barrel rod.

Materials Required:

  1. Spring
  2. M3 x 12mm Bolt, Nut
  3. 3 x Washer
  4. 1×1 feet Hylam sheet 6mm
  5. 1×1 feet Hylam sheet 3mm 

Part No.             Part Name                No.           

 1.                          Barrel                         1              

2.                         Trigger                         1           

3.                           Bullet                          1             

4.                          Spring                          1         

5.               M3 x 12mm Bolt, Nut           1             

6.                M3 M3 Washer                    4                   

Procedure– (Video Tutorial)

  1. Using a CNC router cut out the Barrel and Bullet from the 6mm Hylam sheet. 

A sample DXF of one of the spring gun parts can be downloaded here – spring gun Barrel parts dxf file

 You will get complete DXF and 3D model : when you order the SPRIN-GUN KIT. 

 2. Do the same with from the Trigger using the 3mm Hylam sheet.

 3. Take an M3 bolt and insert a washer.

 4. Now insert it inside the hole provided on the Trigger.

 5. Now insert two more washers into this arrangement and insert this into the Barrel.

 6. Add another washer and use a Nut to fasten everything together.

 7. Insert the spring into the Trigger and the bullet on top of it.

  8. Pull the bullet back and secure it to the trigger.

Congratulations! You have successfully made your very own Spring Gun.

Try some more of our PROJECTS.

You can try the following variants:

1) Build a gun using rubber band. ( 100s of instructions available at INSTRUCTABLES.COM )

2) Add a laser pointer to your gun.

3) Build the same GUN mechanism with different size/scale/materials

4) Build the diwali cracker gun for capes.

Product Variants – Tip & Tricks

  1. Instead of the small wooden bullet, one can design interactive flying objects with a small ring attachment beneath it to insert it inside the barrel.
  2. The hobbyists can acquire a mini hobby CNC desktop machine to quickly go ahead with several iterations of designing the barrel and the trigger.




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